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Last Thursday, December 14th, the 3rd Convection of the Quality Control Circle (CCQ) was held, bringing together 16 projects, of these four (4) SEE AGREEMENT, Eight (8) KAIZEN and Four (4) PDCAs belonging to 9 competing groups.
The winners were entitled to monetary prizes and medals. Thus, for the first classified of VER E AGIR, KAIZEN and PDCA, received, MT 10,000 and Medal, MT 15,000 and Medal and MT 25,000 and Medal, respectively, and for the second and third classified of the groups received only medals.
The CCQ is formed by a group of collaborators, with the purpose of proposing modifications in what needs to be improved or solved in the work processes of a certain company.
Since its implementation in 2016, the CCQ program is bringing various gains and benefits to CDN such as improving quality, improving productivity, reducing costs and rationalizing work processes, and developing and integrating employees.