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On 27 and 28 March of this year, respectively, in Nampula and Nacala, training was held under the theme “Anti-Corruption” following one of the fundamental values of CDN, “SER ÉTICO”.

The training was conducted by the Legal Department of CDN, within the scope of its compliance duties for the anti-corruption program. The training covers workers from different areas of the company to carry out their activities in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy, ensuring that in the performance of their duties, the CDN workers are guided by high standards of ethic.

The training consisted of, among others, the disclosure of risks and the exposure of the CDN in the exercise of its activity as a railroad and port concessionaire, in the dissemination of anti-corruption laws and regulations applicable to CRC, the requirements and the scope Anti-bribery laws and policies, the Global Anti-Corruption Program applicable to all Vale companies, the Nacala Corridor and the CDN in particular, the Corporate Integrity structure, ways of reporting acts of corruption and The internal discipline by the practice of acts that contradict anti-corruption laws and norms.

This is a program that will be implemented, monitored and monitored on a continuous basis, and will be applied to all entities in the CDN that maintains direct and indirect relations with Public Officials, including but not limited to members of the Board of Directors, Members of the Executive Committee , Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Workers, Trainees, third parties acting on behalf of CDN, suppliers, Customers.