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At the CDN, there are still worrying numbers of workers with malaria and consequently contribute to the absence of employees in the workplace due to illness and thinking of their greater value-for-life, the CDN is intensifying measures to prevent and combat malaria for its employees.

For that, from January 31 to February 2, 2018, the “Malaria Fight Campaign” took place on the work fronts of all CDN locations, covering approximately 97% of its own and contracted employees. During this time, the collaborators benefited from Health and Safety Dialogues (DSS) and distribution of mosquito nets.

The campaign aimed to reflect on the disease, as despite the efforts made to reduce cases of the disease, the CDN continues to register worrying cases of workers with Malaria.

In 2017, 76 cases of malaria were registered, compared with 87 in 2016 without death, with the peak months being February and April. For the month of January this year 12 employees had Malaria resulting in 35 days lost.