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World Water Day was created by the United Nations (UN) on March 22, 1992, in response to current water issues. It is well known that most of the water sources (rivers, lakes and dams) are being contaminated, polluted and degraded by the predatory action of man. On March 22nd, each year, it is devoted to discussing the various topics related to this important natural good, with the purpose of creating a moment of reflection, analysis, awareness and elaboration of practical measures to solve this problem.

At this important date, the CDN was not oblivious. Between the 20th and 24th of March, several themes were presented and discussed in the localities of Nacala, Nampula, Cuamba, Lichinga and Maputo. The main themes were: Good Water Reuse Practices, Sanitary Effluents and Public Health, Residual Water, Conscious Use of Water, Environment, Attitude and Behavior, involving more than 220 employees, where employees had the opportunity to reflect on The consequences of pollution of water resources, the relationship between residual water (domestic and industrial) and its consequences for the lives of employees