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The CDN (SSOMA) will promote the Internal Accident Prevention Week between 23-25 ​​August, the theme chosen for this year being “the importance of working standards for safety”.

The event will happen in all CDN units, namely Nampula, Nacala-Porto, Cuamba, Lichinga and Maputo, with the aim of encouraging the employee to be guided by preventive behaviors and to adopt working standards in order to avoid workplace accidents in the company.

Working Standard is a detailed roadmap of all the steps required to carry out an activity and its objective is to ensure, through standardization, the expected results of the activity always efficiently and with controlled risks, minimizing the occurrence of deviations.
It is to remember that we are 422 days without accidents with remoteness in the company.

History of the Accident Prevention Weeks in the CDN

The implementation of the Internal Week of Accident Prevention Campaign in CDN began in 2014 and the theme chosen was “Risk Management”. In 2015, the reflection was around the Health and Safety Management System, with the sole purpose of reminding employees that fatality or mental disorder can happen to anyone.

And last year, the theme chosen for Internal Week of Accident Prevention was “Operational Controls”, aimed at reinforcing that controls are measures to minimize vulnerabilities and when observed reduce the probability of occurrence of accidents.

All for a safer CDN.