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In an initiative to strengthen the maritime activity capacity of the Nacala Maritime Administration (ADMAR) in Nacala Bay, a donation ceremony was held at Nacala Port on 15 February 2017 ADMAR, in Nacala-Porto. As part of the commitment to value the life and care of the environment and the communities of which it is a part, CDN has donated to ADMAR two 40-horsepower Yamaha brand off-board engines, with a 2 year warranty, as well as Spare parts to be used on ADMAR Nacala vessels, which are currently inoperative due to lack of engines.

These vessels, once operational, will be used to ensure patrolling, surveillance and relief, enhancing the safety of the area of Nacala Bay, where the Nacala Port (CDN container, fuel and bulk terminal) And the coal terminal at Nacala-a-Velha. The event led by the President of the Executive Committee of the CDN, Amado Mabasso was attended by the Nacala Maritime Administrator, officials of both institutions and media.