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The CDN stand at the provincial economic fair (FEP) in Nampula, which took place in the village of Nacala-a-velha district, from July 14 to 16, received a prize in the category of best stand, due to Its ornamentation and to receive a considerable number of visitors who wanted to know about the activities of this company.

From the first day of the fair to the last moment, the CDN received about 200 visitors, including members of the government, economic agents and the population in general.

The provincial director of Industry and Commerce (DPIC) Narciso João, speaking at the closing ceremony of the fair, said that the awards serve as input companies so that in the next provincial fairs, and especially at FACIM to happen between August 28 to March 3 Next September to prepare themselves in the best way to dignify the province of Nampula.