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On 30th June the CDN announced its experience in occupational safety and health during the fair held at the Coba Capana complex in Nampula, part of the seminar promoted by the Provincial Directorate of Employment and Social Security, Promote hygiene and safety in order to preserve health at work. During the seminar, tools were presented that allow the safety and individual and collective protection of workers, especially in activities that may offer greater occupational risks. The event, which was attended by the governor of Nampula, Victor Borges, in addition to the CDN, CLN brought together several others from the public-private sector, employers ‘and workers’ association, exhibitors and society in general. Speaking at the event, the governor of Nampula province, Victor Borges, stressed that the application of occupational safety and health measures, enshrined in legal provisions in force in the country, should be mandatory.