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On 12th and 13th February, CDN hosted the first meeting of the sustainability committee, for the year 2018, in Nampula, training room C, in the training room C, involving the concessionaire companies of the Nacala Corridor.

The Sustainability Committee is a meeting that brings together the companies CDN, CLN, VLL and CEAR, companies that operate in the corridor, with the objective of aligning activities of the same companies, in the ambit of relations with communities and environment, and to establish strategies and set goals to establish methods and establish guidelines for compliance.

Among several points discussed in this first committee, the standardization of compensation procedures for victims of rail accidents was the strongest point to be followed up in other sustainability committees this year.

Other points discussed have to do with the demands of communities, registered through the SDI tool (Stakeholder Demand and Issues) and the service line, which focus more on the pollution caused by coal trains.

The issues discussed will be forwarded to the Steering Committee meeting, for a later return of the responses of the concerns to the communities.