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Being the ethical principle one of our values ​​where we are guided by transparency, responsibility, integrity, honesty, compliance with standards, impartiality and authenticity, the company is guided by instilling the same principles on all fronts and in all its operation. For this reason, and after actions taken to identify and punish acts that do not go against our values, a group of collaborators who were involved in the theft of two and a half bags of 50 kilograms of fertilizers were dismantled in the last week of August. in Nacala-porto, belonging to the company TRANCARGO.

These are two ARKHE security guards, AIOS driver, Estivador and a Civil Guard. This is a continuous work of the company, by the corporate security that confirms that the CDN does not agree with the acts that violate its values, and it will always be priority to operate safely in every way.