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As you know, for CDN, nothing is more important than the health and physical integrity of your employees. In this context, several prevention and health care initiatives are carried out by the company for its employees. For the fifth consecutive year, the Internal Health Week was held from 8 to 12 May, in training room C in Nampula, under the motto: “Prevention of musculoskeletal diseases related to work”.

The opening session of the week was the theme of “Work-related osteomuscular diseases, and adoption of attitudes and practices to prevent it, always focusing on Genuine Active Care” (taking care of oneself, taking care of others and letting them take care of themselves from you).

In addition to work-related osteo-musculoskeletal conditions, subjects such as ergonomics, fatigue and sedentary life were discussed during the week, culminating in workout practice and a play with ergonomics. The week took place with the same agenda in Nacala, Cuamba, Lichinga and Maputo guided by the local leaders.