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In order to support the implementation of Value for Life, in order to prevent risks during operations at CDN, the company established parameters for carrying out the critical activities, called Requirements for Critical Activities – RAC, focusing on the materialization of its highest value.

In this way the CDN believed last Friday, January 26, 13 instructors of RACs, with them, it guarantees a greater vision of the necessity of the RAC training coming from the areas, generating efficiency and greater quality.

In total there are 8 RACs applicable to CDN, according to INS Instruction 007, namely, RAC1 – Work at Height, RAC2 – Automotive Vehicles, RAC 3 – Mobile Equipment, RAC 4 – Blocking and Labeling, RAC 5 – Launching of Cargo ; RAC 6 – Confined Space; RAC 7 – Machine Protection and RAC10 –Work with electricity).