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On the 27th and 28th of March, the CDN participated in a press conference with the Economic Agents and the Provincial Government of Niassa in the conference room of the City Council of Lichinga, with the aim of aligning The introduction of the first general freight train in that city. The Provincial Governor, Provincial Transportation Director, Lichinga Producers’ Association, Economic Agents and representatives of the CDN participated in this meeting.

During the meeting, the Governor of the Niassa Province, Arlindo spoke of the importance of the general cargo train in Niassa to support communities in reducing the costs of consumer and basic necessities, as well as the need for the CDN to support the SMEs in the district Of Lichinga providing a transport service to support them.

Representing the CDN, Fábio Terra Duarte, Commercial Director, stressed the importance of the partnership between the CDN and the business community of Lichinga, stressing the need for economic agents to use the associativism together to channel enough cargo to look for a convoy of 15 to 25 wagons . He also said that the commercial area CDN already has a dedicated and dedicated service for the community of Lichinga, calling this service “Train of Time”, meaning that the train will leave weekly on demand confirmed, leaving Nacala and the Main stops (Nampula, Cuamba, Mitande), to the final destination in Lichinga.

The Economic Agents stated their interest in organizing themselves with the Association of Small and Medium-sized Businessmen of Lichinga, so as to channel transportation needs in the short term. In this way, it was agreed that the CDN will send the first general cargo train within the month of April, through the demand presented by the Economic Agents of Lichinga