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As part of the program of implementation of the Management and Leadership track, which has already consisted of previous leadership trainings such as situational leadership, leadership in HR processes, was held from 24 to 27 April this year in Nampula, the second group Of Rite of Passage training for the target group that occupy positions of supervisors and managers of the areas of the company.

This event, which is more reflective than training itself, has awakened in the participants the importance of understanding the emotions in their lives, both in the context of decision making and in the realization of the choices before different possibilities of life or personal growth.

During the 4 days, the training provided by an external consultant, had several practical methodologies of inclusion, teamwork and several moments of discussion and reflection of the life of the company in general, always emphasizing the importance of the role of assertive leadership in those led, Workplace and CDN productivity.