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With a view to improving the performance of the employees’ work and improving their day-to-day activities, a training called “Locomotive Basics” was held from 20 to 24 February this year at the CDN facilities in Nampula, which is a track training Technique for the Operation, taught by the internal instructor Bruno Scagliuggi. The objective of the training is to make known the principles of operation and the main components of locomotives, ensuring that the achievements of the activities carried out within the railway will be according to the programming and the operational regulation, contributing to the professional development and reinforcing the values of health And security, indispensable for its performance in compliance with the standards required by the CDN.

In order for all drivers and CDN maneuvering operators to be trained in this training, planning to train the Operation’s inspectors and trainers takes place. These will then be multipliers of the same.