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Marumbeni Corporation logistics director Keigo Kaneko, a Japan-based logistics company for more than 150 years, visited the CDN facilities last Friday and welcomed the efforts, Dedication of this company in the improvement of iron-port infrastructures in the north of the country.

Keigo Kaneko was accompanied by Mauro Silva, Business Assistant of Marumbeni Corporation, and during the visit they successfully climbed the CDN facilities in Nampula and Nacala-Porto, with the sole aim of finding out about the operation of the Logistics sector in the port of Nacala, One of the strategic and important ports of Mozambique.

After visiting Mauro Silva, he said that he was impressed with CDN’s activities and believes that the Mozambican government should be proud to concede its iron-port infrastructures in the northern region to CDN, because the company is demonstrating capacity To capitalize through rehabilitation.

“From what we have seen during our visit here at CDN, the feeling is one side of pride for the Mozambican state, because the government has managed to understand that it does not have the capacity to do the rehabilitation of the line and Knows the CDN better, and the company is doing its job very well. It is to be commended, “said Mauro Silva, Business Assistant, Marumbeni Corporation.