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My family’s program in House 2 – Health and Quality of Life, implemented in November 2016, was designed with the aim of creating greater proximity to the employee’s family in the workplace, disseminating the health and safety benefits and, in a way, contributing to improve the quality of life of the CDN employee and his family.

During the visit your family will have the opportunity to visit the train, walk through the operational areas where you will have the opportunity to see how the work is done in the areas;

Attend an institutional presentation where they can prove the concern that the CDN (their house 2) has with the health and well-being of their workers, and have the opportunity to clarify about health insurance and various issues.

Each family also receives a kit that contains repellent, alcohol gel and certainty, in addition to the camisete and the snack served during the program.

Currently, the program is held once a month in the localities of Nampula, Nacala Ferrovia and Porto and Cuamba. The participation of the employees is voluntary, get the registration form in the link below and participate in the next edition in March.