Esta notícias foi vista152vezes!

As part of the visit to learn to know, on April 19th of this year, the CDN was the scene of another visit, this time of Migration Services of Nampula, with the aim of like other visiting partners, generate proximity and collaborate With the company in publicizing the railway safety campaigns in the corridor.

The visit visited the operational areas, where he saw the carriage rehabilitation project “in loco”, visited the medical station where the workers are attended in case of an accident, followed the process of maintenance of the locomotives and conversion of wagons of the vacuum system For compressed air.

Finally, they participated in the presentations made by the CDN, about its history, and the presentation of the CLN, where several questions of the realized activities were made and thus to create new partnerships. The interaction was very interesting because they could actively contribute by expressing their questions and praising the evolution of the company.