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On January 14 of this year, CDN began by unloading the clinker vessel at the port of Nacala from Arab Emirates leaving Dubai and bound for Blantyre, in a process that is expected to continue. The unloading process took place until 17 January, and the first wagons were loaded on this same day in a batch of 8 wagons. A total of 20,667.53 tons were stored in the clinker area, equivalent to the unloading of 754 trucks. It is expected to transport the load on approximately 520 wagons. Since the start of loading, 5,200 tonnes of clinker have been transported in 116 wagons. The transport of 10,560 tonnes is expected for the current month of February.

For CDN the transportation of this product consolidates the company as a viable, safe and efficient alternative in the transport of goods and proposal of solution for our clients and offers all the necessary logistical support, including, yielding the storage area, drastically reducing the client’s costs , Placing the Northern Corridor as an efficient route in the logistics process of Mozambique.