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The city of Cuamba and the border town of Entre-Lagos in the Mecanhelas district of Niassa province, after 17 years of hope, and the company’s commitment to rehabilitate the 77km line that was in poor traffic conditions, are linked from On February 2 of this year, by the passenger train. The defining moment was characterized by the departure of the mixed Cuamba train at 6:00 am on that historic morning, carrying 5 passenger coaches with capacity for 430 passengers and 1 wagon for general cargo.

The entrance of Passenger Train Circulation, will connect between two points once a week on Thursdays, and its introduction aims to respond to the yearnings of the populations living in that point of the country. In a first phase, the passenger train will run every Thursday, where the trip lasts three hours in both directions, in contrast to the 16 hours that it took before the rehabilitation of the line. It is hoped that this introduction of passenger trains will boost economic activities both in the city of Cuamba and in the town of Entre-Lagos.

Simões Zalembessa, Administrator of Cuamba “The locality of Entre-Lagos with the introduction of the passenger train will develop, with the connection of this two points there will be exchanges of various products and a lot of merchandise outlets for the two points of circulation. We ask the population to take good care of this means of transport, denounce acts of vandalism to the competent authorities, and be vigilant for the train to circulate safely. “