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The campaign “October Rosa” closed with pomp and circumstance, with the holding on 31 October of the Tea Rose, which brought together wives of CDN employees and collaborators of this company for the first time in a necessary cause.

It was a unique time where women discussed and learned about the need to preserve their health by screening for breast and cervical cancer specifically.

In addition to dealing with issues related to health, in Rosa Rosa, women also discussed aspects related to social life, especially the need to value themselves (work, home, health), to take care of physical well-being, and to have a healthy eating and the culture of good management (reconciling work, home, family and society in general).

The October Rose is nothing more than a worldwide awareness campaign that aims to alert women and society to the importance of prevention and to get an early diagnosis of breast cancer. This year the campaign took place under the motto “Declare your love for yourself, prevent cancer”!