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As part of the operational improvements, the “Estação Nota 10” campaign was launched last June, with the purpose of seeking better station performance in some specific organizational requirements. The program was designed to improve the operational performance of the main stations of the CDN, to guarantee the reduction of the THP (Train Stopped Time) by conducting railway operations competitively among the stations assisted, namely Nacala, Nampula, Cuamba and Entre-Lagos, benefiting Greater security, greater productivity, and provision of information and justification of events in a timely manner.

The great winner of this campaign was the Entre-Lagos Station, which presented lower THP, zero accident and quality and sent in record time the justification, thus being classified as Station Note 10 of 2016. To recognize the achievement, a ceremony was organized In Entre Lagos on March 2, 2017 with the right to receive the certificate of recognition and moment of celebration with the local team, who was very proud of the recognition of the company and promised to renew the title in 2017.