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This year, the Environment Week was lived in full, with more participative actions and a different motivation. As an example of one of the actions, a total of 150 shade tree seedlings were distributed to three schools located in the districts of Meconta, Rapale and Ribáuè, namely EPC of Namialo-sede, EPC of Topene and EPC of Chica respectively , In the province of Nampula, in an initiative of the company, with the aim of contributing to the reforestation of those regions for the well-being of the environment, covering about 800 people, mostly students of the referenced schools, putting into practice its second value Of the CDN, which is to take care of the environment and the communities.

During the week that began on June 5 exactly on World Environment Day, on the 9th, the company developed several activities aimed at preserving the environment, such as the promotion of lectures, theaters and competitions in schools on the care to be taken With the environment, and themes related to “sustainable tourism for development” were developed and discussed, which was the motto chosen by the UN for the celebration of the 5th of June, World Environment Day.

To close the week, the employees visited the National Museum of Ethnology of Nampula where they learned about the advantages that preservation of the cultural heritage has for the development of tourism and the environment.