Esta notícias foi vista170vezes!

We reached the past February 5th, the 600-day no-accident time with CDN, and we continued adding days to our scoreboard, breaking our previous record of 385 days. This is an important historical milestone of our company and we are all Congratulations!
The achievement of this goal is a result of the change of conscience of all employees, choosing to carry out their activities always in a safe way. Concern about improvements in infrastructure and equipment suitability minimizes risks in the workplace, making it safer for all of us.
Our great challenge will continue to be to ensure that each one of us returns home, complete after a day’s work. That’s why we always reinforce the adoption of Genuine Active Care: Take Care of Me, Take Care of You and let them take care of me.
Today (Thursday, February 22, 2018), we are adding 618 days without accidents with remoteness!