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Last year, we transported about 405 thousand tons of miscellaneous cargo almost double the cargo transported in the year 2016, which was 245 thousand tons. It was a great success although we did not reach the planned target of 719 thousand tons. Regarding this growth, we interviewed CDN’s commercial and new business director, Fábio Duarte.

Q: What were the reasons for this growth in cargo volume?

A: This increase in freight transport results from the increase in the capacity of the CDN to meet the availability of equipment and the good condition of the railroad and, on the other hand, the extensive marketing work , Commercial and New Business Development developed by the CDN teams and the commitment of all the company’s employees.

Q: What challenges do we have for 2018?

A: The year 2017 marked the beginning of the reincorporation of the Nacala Corridor into the economic and social development of Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, as we achieved a high level of operational and commercial efficiency, reflected in the 405 thousand tons reached.
In turn, the year 2018 is very promising, since we have a budget of 480 thousand tons to be fulfilled as a result of the optimum result of 2017, the Commercial team was able to close contracts with potential clients, some former partners and other new ones , totaling a volume of 533 thousand tons of cargo, that is, 11% above the budgeted volume.