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The 4th edition of the Accident Prevention Week campaign at the CDN, which this year reflects on “The Importance of Safety Procedures” began this Wednesday, August 23, with a scheduled end to Friday, August 25th. .

Standard or working procedure is a roadmap of all the steps required to carry out a task and aim to ensure, through standardization, the expected results of the activity always efficiently and with controlled risks, thus minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

According to the Department of Health, Safety and Environment (SSOMA), work procedures are required to perform a particular activity and serve as a method to communicate and apply consistent and secure practices around the company. Its elaboration should be done preferably by the executors of each task.

The working procedures can not be considered as mere formalities that only serve to bureaucratize and delay the day to day life, but they exist to protect employees. The advantages of the procedures are: save time, reduce errors and accidents, ensure constant results, increase productivity and empathize employees.