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Workshops on human rights and business in the CDN were held on July 10, 11, 12 and 18, respectively, in the CDN units of Nacala-Porto, Nampula and Maputo, in order to establish a relationship between the operational model of the company And respect for the human dignity of the employee in the workplace.

The realization of these workshops, which covered a large number of employees of this company, also aimed at making employees aware that the CDN in its activities is not only concerned with the achievement of operational results, but above all seeks to ensure that these results are achieved with Respect for human dignity, putting into practice its first value, “value to life”.

“It is vitally important to advocate on human rights, as it should be clear to workers, managers, shareholders, suppliers and customers about the strategic vision of the company with a view to ensuring a sustainable operational model and respect for human rights. Human rights “, – said Selma Dixon, moderator of the workshops.