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In the margins of the closing ceremony of the course of 87 teachers of the Wishutiha Project, developed by CLN, which ended on December 10, a chat took place between the workers in Nacala and Nampula and the former Rector of Eduardo Mondlane University, Professor Mazula .

Mazula began his speech by congratulating the company for the investment it has been making in education for the creation of skilled labor in the region.

“I participated in the graduation ceremony of the teachers. Congratulations on investing in education, a fundamental pillar for the development of our country. I am pleased to know that 90% of the workforce in this company is made up of young Mozambicans, “he said.

The academic defined development in 3 dimensions, namely profitable work socially, economically and intellectually, knowledge. In this dimension, he stressed the need to constantly update knowledge, that is, to continuously learn to be a successful professional. The last, related to culture. On this point, Professor Mazula defended the culture of work for the development of the country.