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The Nacala Corridor companies approved, on May 10, 2018, the new Code of Ethical Conduct that establishes the rules that must be observed by employees of the Corridor companies, suppliers and service providers. With this code, the CDN made clear how the company expects all the people representing it to act on its behalf.

It is the obligation of all employees to understand and respect our Code of Ethics, other company policies and regulations, laws and regulations of the localities where we act and any applicable international legislation.

The following are some Intolerable Conduct and subject to disciplinary sanctions:
1- Abuse of functions or invocations of the position to obtain illicit advantages;
2- Discrimination according to sex, origin, religion, political conviction, physical condition;
3. Permit or make political propaganda;
4- Preferential or privileged treatment to any supplier / customer hurting company policies;
5- Accept gifts, except when gifts without commercial value.