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CDN could not have started the year 2016 in the best way, with so much energy and expectation due to implementation of the internal training program of the first Railway Engineers’s class, from various parts of the country.

The training began in Nampula, on 4 January this year, at the C training room, and the class is composed by 24 recruited with various higher Engineering education, where 20 are newly hired in the market and 4 already were part of the company’s staff, with the main goal of revitalizing the operational framework labor hand across the enterprise.

The course aims to equip trainees with specific knowledge and skills in railway, covering new concepts, tools, methodologies to support management and the maintenance of railway operations and is the first organized specialized training and funded by CDN, and the instructors are built with experience in certain areas of operation and railway maintenance.

The completion of the course is done in an interim regime, trainees are subjected to a lecture followed by a technical visit, and it will last for 632 hours of lectures and technical visits, including greater knowledge of all HR processes, S & S , MA, 5S, PDCA and communication associated with a systemic view of all operating processes and maintaining railway chain of CDN.

After completion of the course, the company expects that the trainees have a comprehensive and integrated view of the entire rail network, being thus the demand for skilled labor in the areas of operation and railway maintenance.

Sérgio Paunde, Director of Human Resources and Communication at CDN, said that the main goal is to recruit young people with no experience in railway and provide them with knowledge, culture, discipline and train language.

That adds value for the company, and they will join the other employees in the challenge out of the current 400 thousand tons per year to 4 million tons / year.