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It is important to emphasize that for CDN nothing is more important than to watch over the health and physical integrity of its employees. For this reason, a Health and Safety Dialogue was held on 18 December 2018 for Porto employees.

This initiative aims to reinforce security care, thus guaranteeing the company’s main value that is “Value for Life”. The DSS was attended by the director of Porto, Mário Moura, where he thanked for the work and dedication of the employees, during the year 2018.

Leonardo Ammann, the Safety, Health and Environment manager of Porto, spoke to employees about the safety recommendations, so they can stay during the festive period, not only during the work day, as well as in the home / work route and work / home.

“We are absorbing a lot of knowledge, improving every day with the support of each employee. We want to thank you for this year 2018, saying that in 2019 we will continue to work hard so that we can have new challenges ahead and that we will succeed at all. ” Said the director of Porto.