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Since last October a new company has been managing the destinations of activities in the port of Nacala, and the new management said it is investing in improving infrastructures, operations and increasing the competitiveness of the port of Nacala.

In this issue, the newspaper CDN Informa interviewed the Director of the Port of Nacala, Mário Moura, to be able to know the challenges of the company in the medium and long term.

CDN informa (CI): We already have a new company, CDN Porto, S.A, to assume the destinies of the port of Nacala, what are the short, medium and long term challenges that the Management hopes to overcome?

Director of Porto (DP): Obviously, we as a company have deadlines for challenges in the short, medium and long term. In the short term, we seek to provide quality services to users, consolidate processes and ensure the efficiency and safety of operations. In the medium term, we have the challenge of increasing the workload in Nacala and implementing modern and efficient infrastructures is ours. long-term challenge.

CI: What are the pillars that support the company during the implementation until the execution of activities?

DP: The first pillar is security, then we seek the satisfaction of our customers through efficiency and productivity, implementation and systematization of processes, as a way to prepare for the challenges of the years to come and that is in fact a port that meet the demands of Mozambique and the countries of the interland.

CI: What are the points of improvement that can be expected in the port of Nacala with this new Directorate?

DP: Today the dispatching processes still depend a lot on paper and stamps, and our struggle is to implement computer systems that enable orders to be delivered in person. Eliminating queues and wasting time.

CI: One of the challenges of the Port of Nacala, looking at its importance, is to always increase operational results, is there any definite plan for this desiderato to happen?

DP: The port of Nacala will grow considerably in containers depending on the infrastructures that will be implemented by the JICA project. In addition, CDN Porto intends to develop the Nacala region in such a way as to have around the port facilities that attract investments in the storage of goods and industries.

CI: What are the strategies to be implemented so that the port of Nacala is competitive with other ports in Mozambique?

DP: We are developing negotiations in order to attract investment, and we are also completing port and rail investments that will increase competitiveness and reach markets that were not previously reached. We have also completed the railway line of Cuamba-Lichinga in Niassa which is an immediate possibility for the port in the logistics area.

CI: Latest considerations.

DP: The CDN looks to the North of Mozambique as a major pole of national development and is being trained to meet the increasing demands, investing in continuous training of labor, infrastructures and attracting investors. We want to be one of the growth vectors of the Mozambican nation.