Railway Services:


Located in the province of Nampula, Nacala district in northern Mozambique, the southern Bay of Bengo, has 60m deep and 800m wide at the entrance, features exceptional seaworthy, allowing the movement of ships 24 hours per day without restrictions silent or size (except along the pier). It is the only deep-water port of Mozambique and the largest in the entire african eastern coast.


Regular passenger services with first carriages, a second and third classes between Nampula and Cuamba. The first and second classes carriages have air conditioning and the third class is being remodelated. The train has a dining carriage and they serve soda and light meals. It crculates from Tuesday to Sunday.


Effective services for imports and exports flow’s from Malawi via the port of Nacala, with capacity to handle containerized cargo, bagged and bulk, including liquid bulk. This operation is done in multiple units of 1.000 gross tons or 45 freight cars for a single customer or several.