The CDN has been committed to more than 100 points in the north of the hall where it is based on the relationship and dialogue. For this, we developed projects below:


The lives of our employees and community members is our main value. Much of our activities are carried out in the communities and our goals is to preserve their lives and are therefore constantly made railway safety campaigns both for our employees and for the communities.


It is a direct interaction program between the CDN and the community, which promotes visits to company facilities. During the visit, the visitors have the opportunity to meet various departments and receive messages about the security measures on the railway.


The CDN Solidarity program aims to encourage voluntary action by workers in various causes, contributing to strengthen the relationship between the company and the communities where it operates.


It is an open channel for dialogue and information so that the community can communicate with the CDN. All interested can call the number 800000030 in time from 6 am to 18 pm and register their concerns both in Portuguese and in Emakua language.