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As it is a fact that we “beat” and exceeded the 2018 target of 473,190 tons and surpassed with the volume of 473,662 tons, and most importantly with security, it is important to highlight and recognize that it is a result of teamwork of all operational areas and business support areas, and the undeniable improvement of rolling stock as well as the training of employees.

It was an important milestone and it shows our ability to make CDN an iron-port reference solution in Southern Africa.

There is no doubt that it is the result of a team, but we will highlight throughout the editions the areas directly involved in the operation and that were decisive in reaching the goal.

Message from the PPC area about the result achieved

“The next goal within the year is to reach CEAR’s goal or to get as close as possible to 489,570 tons without any accidents and to improve other operating indicators of the company as well as maintain the indicator of 0 accidents. the record of loading of 109 wagons in 1 day happened on the past 11 December. “