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As a way to strengthen the partnership in solving the problems that directly affect the safe crossing of trains and the community, on 18 December 2018, the representatives of the City Council of Nampula visited the fence constructed for security operating throughout the city of Nampula specifically from Rapale to Anchilo, as well as a visit to the CDN website in Nampula.

This visit comes within the framework of the alignments maintained by both institutions, as a way of establishing partnerships to mitigate the problem of garbage that would impede rail traffic.

After the visit to the extension of the wall, where the president of the City Council of Nampula accompanied by its councilors and managers, saw “in loco” solid waste along the line, the delegation visited the operation workshops of the CDN and were able to attend an institutional presentation where community managers, Tomás Macovela and Pedro Muendane, CDN and CLN, respectively, expressed concern about the situation on the vandalism of the breakdown of the wall of the city of Nampula by communities, commerce informal in the operational areas in the Nampula bakery and in the descent, said that such places constitute a potential danger communities and the corridor has as one of its goals to operate safely, without rail accidents.

Visitors rated the visit as very positive and interactive, helping them to better understand the contextual reality of the railway operation in the corridor.