CDN – the Northern Development Corridor, is a joint stock company constituted and registered in Mozambique, which aims for the management, rehabilitation and commercial exploitation of the Nacala Port infrastructure and the northern Mozambique railway, in an integrated manner. The Nacala Corridor Project spreads from the northern region of Mozambique throughout Malawi and Zambia creating an efficient and cost effective service which links the port of Nacala in the North of Mozambique with Malawi. The objective is to integrate synergies between the inter-modal transport systems, taking into account the environment which is a key aspect for the sustainable development of the region.


The Transport Policy approved by Resolution 5/96 on April 2nd recommended the participation of private capital in the rehabilitation, exploitation and management of infrastructure, rail and port services. Therefore a consortium of private investors has been created, forming a private Mozambican company called Development Society Of Nacala Corridor SA (SDCN).

SDCN in partnership with the company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Mozambique, EP (CFM) created a private company called the Northern Development Corridor (CDN), SA. The CDN is responsible for the management, financing, maintenance… [Read More]


The main objective of CDN is to deliver high quality rail and port services with efficiency and safety in all infrastructure and concessions granted to the company, therefore effectively serving the national and regional markets. In addition, the company will work to upgrade its entire infrastructure, as well as their management model, in order to ensure improvement of service and become a sustainable and competitive company. The ultimate goal is to improve the rail and port traffic, expanding and modernizing the existing fleet, with particular attention to operational safety, ensuring the safety of employees, passengers and equipment.

Our Concessions:


North Railway System
Valid for 30 years
Start: 10th January 2005
End: 10th January 2035


Nacala Port
Valid for 15 years
Start: 10th January 2005
End: 10th January 2020


Malawi Railway System
Valid for 25 years (renewable for 5)
Start: 1st December 1999
End: 1st December 2042

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Our Mission

To deliver goods and passengers by Railroad, and to execute all maritime services and port operations with safety, quality and effectiveness.


Our Vision

To be a leading company in the port and railway solutions for the Southern Africa region.


Our Values

Value life, Caring for the environment and the communities, Being ethical, Keep improving and Employee Appreciation. [Read More]

The complete Nacala Corridor: